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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The story of a girl.

Mornings are the worst.

The big decision of wether or not to get of bed today. To bother the effort and get up and get dressed, face another day. 
The question she always asks herself is would anyone notice?
"I suppose one more day wont hurt" she thinks.

Still in an oversized shirt she wore to bed, she drags herself down the stairs.
Not a voice to be heard. 
She pours herself a glass of water, no breakfast, eating will only make the anxiety worse.
She's watching her figure.

Her mobile lies on the kitchen table.
No missed calls.
No new texts.
The plastic still clings onto the screen. It's hardly been used in its two years of life.

She takes out the book her mother had given her.
"Maybe this will help you get out of your little phase", the girl mimics her mothers voice.
She flicks through the pages, they might as well be empty, she thinks that would make more sense to her.
All the different chapters she flicks through, she finally stops on one ; 18 Finding Love Again

Moments pass, the girls fingers tap the table as she become anxious over what to do.

Moments pass, the girl turns the page. . .. .

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