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Friday, April 17, 2009


well its decided, if I do shit in my portfolio and don't get my points, I'm off to Paris!
I talked to my mam and all and she thinks its a plan!
and I started looking at apartments and oh my I fell in love with this one!
its 880 euro a month, which isn't too bad I suppose
I might even defer my place if I get it, I just need a change of scenery
oh and there a futon and its a double bed so everyone can come over and party!

: D
I'd probarly go in November and come back


Dean said...

I want that apartment!

Alex Rose said...

Come visit if I go so I'm not too alone!
: D

jayems said...

88euro a MONTH?
paris can't be that cheap.
if it is im going.
are you sure it isnt a week?

Alex Rose said...

no 880 not 88
: D
the 0 just looks tiny in that writing!