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Monday, July 13, 2009


well that was the most amazing trip of my life
i really wish i could stay traveling forever!

one word:amazing
well except being like molested and having my purse stolen!!
not fun put it that way!!
the hostel in paris was just amazing, well actually we nearly got thrown out several times and had the police called because we couldn´t control our drug habits and as we were "americans" we were very loud
we stayed in the gay district of paris in Bastille, we learned this after every club was packed with men holding hands
everyone was unbelievable there
one man compared me and his dog to beauty and the beast, thank god i was the beauty
we met some unforgettable people in Paris,
Nick from London, who was saturated in confidence and blended in perfectly with us
John from Virginia, the Party Bomb wouldn´t of been anything without him!
Brian from Virginia, well. .. . .
Ash and his crew from Australia, "Emma mange la beouf?"
Paris was just unreal, drinking on the streets, everyone was so friendly
Disneyland was amazing too except waiting an hour and a half for one ride, not fun
staying up till 5 in the morning wrapping ourselves in pink ribbon doesn't sound that fun
believe me it is
singing with Nick and Roberto, aw
oh Roberto, put it this way he wasn't the most subtle of characters!
asking Ellen what she wore between her legs and then whispering, "hopefully nothing"
Montmatre was possibly the most beautiful place i have ever been
just sitting on them steps with Aoife, Ellen, Ciara and Leonora listening to a man playing guitar

well we missed our train to Amsterdam and had to stay here for the night
we arrived at half 1 in the morning and left at like 10 so we didn´t see much of the place
but the legend night porter in the hostel who took us in and made us up a lil room to stay the night!!!

oh my
put it this way, i was on a constant high there
hostel was a kip
but still fun
sharing a room with 10 Norwegians
we thought they were all gay
getting stripped in the room
parading around in our underwear
well i got abit suspicous when i woke up to one of them staring at me and Emma in our underwear
well, we found out they weren´t gay!!
after having a party in the shower and sleeping clothesless
amazing place though
we past this hotel in amsterdam with around 10 massive jeeps outside and we just knew there was someone there
well to our delight, it was NE-YO
so we decided to wait like a half an hour for him to come out
he drove by and ignored our screams
thank god!!!!!

so we finally get to berlin after a very long train journey!!!
and we have to find our hostel, so we get off at the metro station we were told to 
standing there, we were ahh jesus i hope this place is easy to find only to turn around to see a 7 floor building with like 200 windows with a massive blue sign saying " GENERATOR HOSTEL"
we found it!!!
so we had a room of 6 booked, but there was actually 7 of us so Leonora was snuck in!!
we then discovered our room was directly above the entrance 6 floors up!
perfect for throwing things at people!!!
i fell in love with berlin
its such an underrated place
people are so helpful
vintage shopping in berlin was unreal, in love with my brown leather camera bag, my lil rose brooch and pony scarf!
lets just say ellen was in her element though!
6 jumpers, 2 hairbands, 2 scarfs, 1 pair of earrings, 1 dress and 1 suitcase later ellen is all shopped out
nightlife in berlin wasn't what we thought, well actually we just couldn't anywhere
there was this once place called the spin club which was advertised everywhere we went, so we thought it had to be good
well we were wrong
we went in and there was actually 5 people that was including the three of us in there!!!!!!
we went to another club which is supposed to be the 4th best club in europe, well whoever done them statistics obviously never went to the place
our hostel in berlin was invaded by a school group of 16 year olds
one night we were all just sitting in our room, knock on the door and two very annoying 16 yr old german boys invited themselves in
they actually would not leave!!!
we all got into bed, turned off the lights and still no budge
even leonora's " Have you ever heard of FUCK OFF" didn't work
well unfortunately leonora had to leave us early because of her lil flute folk fiddle contest!!!
we were all extremely upset, well i dont any of us as much as ciara!
one night while we were out in a club
we see ciara dancing with this guy all grinding up against each other
then she turns around to see tears rolling down her face
well we all suddenly think something happened her
oh no she's "sad" leonora is leaving!!
then emma informed us that her lover ash from paris was coming to berlin and could they stay the night in our room
of course none of us care
well when they arrived is when we started to care!!
 they took over our room a little!!
you'd be surprised how many extra people you can fit in one hostel room!!

well just say things didn't go to plan there
just some person was very heartless and never thought about his actions or people's feelings

freiburg was well interesting for the night we stayed there
very boring city, nothing really to do other then visit the "castle walls"
our hostel there was so beautiful though
it had bob dylan lyrics on the lockers
and old pianos and guitars all over the place
and a big bowl of love heart sweets at reception!
freiburg would be a good place to go if you were going with your husband for a romantic getaway
it just didn't appeal to us at all
so we left!!
2 days early!!!
: D

the home of the sound of music
where our hostel played the dvd constantly!!!
how fun!!
not really
after the first day the novelty really wore off i can tell you!!
what surprised me, was the amount of people watching it each time it was on!!!!
so the city of salzburg is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been
the buildings and all the different squares were breath-taking
nightlife in salzburg was down to two places, O'malleys and Shamrocks
yes, both irish pubs!!!
both extremely boring but one of them had bulmers pear so that was me happy!!
and also everyone in our hostel seemed to be from ireland too!!
there was the lads from mullingar
the lads from derry
the girls from belfast
and daniel from harolds cross!!!
salzburg must have a connection with ireland that we dont know about
a lil bit of drama in salzburg for someone
but thats all forgotten about now
and well we know ellen had fun in salzburg!!
mike? mark? texas? bon iver??

what a beautiful lil city
except for the heat when your dragging an 18kg bag over cobbled stones
: ( not fun
ok so our hostel in florence wasn't the nicest of places
actually it was a pure kip
the guy who ran it looked like a porn director
open white shirt
hairy chest and like a million gold chains hanging down from his neck
ok so our door to our room was glass right in the reception!!
and we thought it was the only room in the hostel, great a 9 bed female dorm only
great place to be staying
we were terrified, not going to lie!!
so we said we would stay out as long as possible and then go back
well florence didn't have much nightlife to offer
not that we could find anyway!
some guy thought i was asking him out when i asked was there any good bars to go to
so we sat in a square and listened to some guy play guitar
and then we went back to the hostel to discover it was buzzing with people and that we weren't the only people staying in it which calmed all our nerves!
ellen, ciara, aoife and myself got up early the next morning and paid a visit to the Uffizi gallery
we had to wait an hour for it to open but we were like first in the queue to get in
which you also needed your passports to get in!
well the paintings there were so beautiful
i nearly cried seeing the adoration of the magi and the annuciation!!
the primavera was so stunning too
so we rambled around for an hour 
back to the hostel to discover emma and sorcha still asleep!!!
we got them up and walked around the shops of florence for the rest of the day before heading down to rome!!
we were broke and couldn't afford anything so we left pretty quick!!
i wish we couldn't of spent more time in florence
but awell

: D

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