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Friday, November 27, 2009


its nineteen years since the day i was born and its weird to think my mam was only 18. the thought of me, being the age i am now, with a one year old kid is kind of scary. i don't thank her enough for being such a good parent and i know i should more.

i know i'm not old or anything but i always hate thinking of how quickly time can go and how fragile life is. everything we do could be the last time we do it, which sounds very pessimistic but i like being aware if it.

i dont think i have accomplished a lot to date which i suppose could be argued but yea, i'm such an ambitious person that i constantly strive for perfection which i know is unreachable and even untouchable.

nineteen years is a long time but at the same time it really is just an insignificant amount of time. I was on the phone to my cousin last night and he told me of how his grandparents on the other side of the family are now 94 and have been married 72 years! 72 years! i don't think i could ever send that amount of time with one person let alone to live that long!

as the cliche saying goes, Seize the day and hold little faith in the future!

: D

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