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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I had my first exhibtion there over the weekend with The Homeless Gallery in D Light studios. I am quite happy with how it went! It is such an amazing space and everyone working there was uber lovely! Check it out if your looking for a space to do anything! The place was packed on the opening and I think like 1000 people turned up for the opening alone! There was a free bar sponsored by Abosolut which I say attracted a few people too! I wish I could of shown more photos to do with the project I am working on but yes money is an issue that never seems to fade. There was a lot of different photographers exhibiting and some of them were really interesting. I also got published in the special 00 edition of Blow magazine to promote the exhibtion so well chuffed about that too. If can get your hands on a copy, its actually an amazing magazine and its A3 so rather fun to look at!
Doing the exhibition has also inspired me start some more projects and I've roped Ciara in (I think) to doing one of them! It was cool seeing people look at your photos which are usually packed away in boxes of negatives but also extremely nerve wrecking. I suppose getting the first one out of the way helps though!
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